Athletes Row...Others Just Play Games

Kathy after the Head of the Charles 2003, with Joe, Dad, & Beth Kate and Coach after a big win in the Varsity 4, 2005

Heading out for race #4 of the day

Atlantic Sprints, April 2004

Senior Row, May 2005


Stern 4 of the varsity 8 in Florida!

Rowing--a sport for athletes

A sport for those talented souls who have the will to sacrifice countless hours for the sake of perfection. Unlike other sports, a rower must always be alert, and must always be willing to give every ounce of energy available for his/her teammates.  Crew is not a cult, but a group of tightly knit people with talent and dedication.


The Kate

The Kate at the Dad Vail Regatta, May 2002


Jangle, Michelle, Linny, Friel-in winning gold at Sprints, April 2005


Seat No. 3 at the Stonehurst Regatta

Head of the Charles 2002

Head of the Charles Regatta, Oct 2002

6th out of 34

Rowing bow in the Varsity 4 at practice, Spring 2005


Head of the Charles 2003-RIT in the center

Kathy with Pops in a double on Mission Bay, San Diego, 2005

Head of the Schuylkill in Philadelphia 2004

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