John J. Friel November 16, 2001
Battleship Cove, MA BB-59 6/2014 Kate's Naval War College graduation 6/2014
Golden Explorers (50th reunion of LaSalle College HS Class of '62)Newest grandchild, Michael Patrick Friel born 4/18/13
Before attending Services Night at the British Officers' Club Sept 17, 2011 Meet our first grandchild, Abigail O'Shaughnessy Friel Sept 2011
Grandmom's Delight Sept. 2011 Proud Parents at Fr. David's Priestly Ordination 5/21/11
John giving a graduate seminar in Mexico, Jan. 2010 Prof. Schubert's Students at Univ. Michoacana, Mexico
John & Pat awaiting Diaconate Ordination Kathy & Pops at the Wedding Rehearsal 8/14/2009
Kathy & Pops walk down the aisle, Navy Yard Chapel, Washington, DC August 15, 2009 USN/USAF Sword arch at Kate's wedding
John's graduate Electron Optical Techniques Class Feb. 2008 Kate & Pops  sitting on bits - LPD-17 forecastle April 2008
John and the Gippsland GA-8 Aug. 2009Cab ride in No. 40 New Hope & Ivyland July 2009
Joe & Dad in the Decathlon 6/18/06Joe doing a wingover
Inverted flightJoe did not want to pay for the parachutes since we didn't use them
At the scanning electron microscope In front of the office in Peterborough, England, Jan. 2002
Final at NASWG Jump?

On course, on glide path, cleared to Land at the Grove

Dad getting a little air at Blue Mt. 2003

Quad Chair musicians

The Family Skiers on the Quad Chair at Blue Mt. 2003

The Friel Family Musicians

Dad & Joe after Search & Rescue Exercise, Aug 05

Dad on the Old Bridge over the Arno in Florence, Italy, 2005

Kathy & Pops in a Double on Mission Bay, San Diego Oct 05

The Military Members of the Family March, 2009

Earlier Days

Midn 1/c Friel with CDR Vollertson, CO DD697 - July 1965USS Charles S. Sperry (DD-697) in Newport July 1965 after recovering Gemini IV


taking a sun line


general quarters in the war zone
LTJG Friel, The Navigator LST-839 July 1969 The Warrior? Feb 1969
keeping the watch underway securing sea & anchor detail

LT Friel, The OOD u/w USS Douglas H. Fox ( DD-779) 1971

LCDR Friel with Big George Stefencavage CO DD-873, Phila. 1979

alongside USS Clifton Sprague (FFG-16) visiting Craft of Opportunity
CDR Friel on his last day on USS Clark (FFG-11) Sept. 1986CAPT Friel on CDR Nosek's YP Cape May, Dec, 1990