Open House at the Friel House, October 29, 2006

Because it was such a long distance for people from eastern PA to travel to Illinois for the wedding of Elizabeth O'Shaughnessy and Joseph Friel on July 8, 2006, this fall Pat & John hosted an open house on the occasion of the visit of Beth, Joe, as well as Darla, and Tom O'Shaughnessy.  To our delight, about 45 people came to greet the newlyweds.  The pictures below record the event.
The flaghoist announces Joe & Beth Friel The guests of honor
The O'Shaughnessy's and John's cousin Various families and generations in the kitchen
The group in the family room Some Irish cousins
Another family room group Beth and John's cousin Nancy (Bradley) Seibert
Our neighbor John (plaid) A group partaking of the food
The wedding photos and video were on display The group by the cake
Joe was pleased that Bill Crielly from CAP came The next day we visited the historical sites in Philadelphia